Version 3.0 of AroniStatMobile™, the Leading Mobile Statistics Reference for Apple iPad, in App Store®.

AroniStatMobile™ : Mobile Statistical Reference Tool for iPad®

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A new version of  AroniStatMobile™ is available in  App Store®.  AroniStatMobile™ is a quick smart statistical reference tool on iPad®. It is intended for beginners, students of statistics,  and advanced statisticians. 

Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining and Data Science start with data. Then comes statistics, that mix of science and creative genius to collect and analyze numerical data and generate actionable insights. Statistics require a good understanding of concepts of statistics, especially probability and statistical distributions. Then, a good, always handy statistical reference will help solidify the knowledge and keep the invaluable expertise fresh. That handy tool is AroniStatMobile™.

AroniStatMobile™ is a quick smart statistical reference tool.

AroniStatMobile™ is a quick smart statistical reference tool. It is intended for beginners, students of statistics, casual and regular users and advanced statisticians. Beginners and casual or regular users will quickly find this tool easy to use and handy. They will find in one user-friendly interface most of the usual statistical distributions, their properties, their graphical representations, and most importantly their relationships.
AroniStatMobile™ shows in a unique graphical template the key relationships and the connectivity among statistical variables. This visual and intuitive tool offers to statisticians an invaluable reference for linking and deriving key probability distributions, and hence arriving quickly to solutions.

For advanced statisticians and other users, this is a perfect reference when either analyzing data or deriving results from mathematical statistics or empirical data. The graphing capability included in the tool will help easily simulate distributions.

Statistics may seem at sometimes overwhelming for beginners or may require remembering several mathematical formulas. Statisticians and users of statistics sometimes need a tool that can help refresh their memories and eventually provide the link needed to connect statistical concepts.



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AroniStatMobile™, the leading  mobile statistical tool 

With AroniStatMobile™, it is easy to fully understand the statistical distribution of interest, the underlying formula, the properties and parameters, and to make calculations.

AroniStatMobile™ is self-contained. Some, if not most, elements contained in the tool may be found on Internet and library resources. AroniStatMobile will give that on the user’s computer, at the fingertips. No need for Internet connection, multiple searches to internet search engines and portals, or time consuming visits to libraries. AroniStatMobile™ user does not need pages to seep through or manuals to memorize. The tool will always be at computer length.

AroniStatMobile™ is a cost effective tool, either in time, ease of use, access, and price. It is the best statistical reference for the busiest and savvy statistician and statistical user.

Enjoy the world of Statistics with AroniStatMobile™,

AroniSmatMobile is part of AroniSmart™ suite of advanced analytics, data science and data mining tools that include: , AroniSmartIntelligence™ (aka AroniSmartLytics™) and AroniSmartInvest™.


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