NBA 2023 Finals: Denver Nuggets are Champions, Nikola Jovic is MVP and Bam Adebayo is Second Leader

NBA 2023 Finals: Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat June 12, 2023

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Denver Nuggets are 2023 NBA Champions. They beat the Miami Heat in Game 5 of NBA Finals. Miami Heat faced a tough challenge, starting with the first game. They did not give up but they  consistently lagged behind.  The fifth game on Thursday Monday June 12, 2023 ended with Denver Nuggets scoring 94-89, well above the prior game score of 108-95 and winning their 1st NBA championship.  A fighting force and dominating Denver Nuggets team was driven by  Nikola Jovic, Michael Porter Jr., Kentavious Caldwell-Pope,  and Jamal Murray  and did not give a rest to the  Miami Heat  opponent led by Jimmy Butler  and Bam Adebayo. The competition in the last game was focusing on  Nikoaa Jovic  against Bam Adebayo.  

It was the  fifth 2023 NBA Finals game. Held at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado., the event was supposed to favor  Denver Nuggets and it did.  Denver Nuggets  missed 20 of their first 22 attempts and underscored  on the free throw line.   But, they were already ahead, 3-1, and it was easy to get to 4-1.


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The top two leaders were Nikola Jovic, the MVP with 30.2 Points per Game (PPG), 14.0 Rebounds per Game (RPG) and 7.2 Assists per Game (APG)  and Bam Adebayo, with 21.8 PPG, 12.4 RPG, and 3.2 APG.

Nikola Jovic is the first center to win the  Bill Russell award since Shaquille O’Neal of the Lakers won it in 2002.  Nikola Jovic led the final game with 34 points and 7 rebounds, while  Miami Heat All-Star Bam Adebayo scored 18 points and 6 rebounds.

Below is the final standing:

 NBA 2023 Finals 2023 06 12

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