NFL Super Bowl LVIII: Kansas City Chiefs Beat San Francisco 49ers; Usher and Patrick Mahomes.

NFL Super Bowl LVIII, Feb 11, 2024: Kansas City Chiefs Beat San Francisco 49ers 25-22

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The Kansas City Chiefs  have beaten  San Francisco 49ers, to win the Super Bowl 58 (LVIII) and the 2024 NFL championship.  With the win, the Kansas City Chiefs have secured the fourth Super Bowl title in NFL franchise history. A highly anticipated  event marked  NFL Superbowl: the half-time performance by the star Usher Raymond IV, the  singer, songwriter, and dancer, who is a eight-time Grammy Award winner, 18 Billboard Music Awards winner, and the top Billboard honoree with 11 awards.

The Super Bowl LVIII  was played  on February 11, 2024 at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada,  the home field of the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League (NFL) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Rebels college football team.  

It was the sixth Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs won in Super Bowls IV (4), LIV (54),  LVII (57), and  LVIII (58), and  lost in Super Bowls I (1 )and LV (55). The Chiefs also won the American Football League championship in 1962.

For the  San Francisco 49ers, this was the eight Super Bowl.  The San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowls. Their first Super Bowl game was in  the Big Game of 1982, which they won against Cincinnati Bengals.   The San Francisco 49ers won their last NFL title in Super Bowl XXIX over the San Diego Chargers. Their last appearance was in Super Bowl LIV, in which they lost  to the Kansas City Chiefs 20-31, giving the Kansas City Chiefs their second Super Bowl victory.

The top candidates for MVP title from the two teams were the two quarterbacks:  Brock Purdy, QB, San Francisco 49ers and Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs.  Patrick Mahomes was looking to win the league MVP the second year in the row, after winning MVP  and the Super Bowl in the same year in 2023 since 1999.

The competition between the two teams was a large picture of the rivarly between their two quarterbacks.  For the Kansas City, the win was expected to be their third ring in five years, and  Patrick Mahomes hoped to lead his team to a repeat of its 2019 and 2023 victories.

The Kansas City Chiefs was expected to win their fourth Super Bowl trophy  in the franchise history.

The two teams were in the different spots in their conferences at the start of  the playoffs for 2023-2024 season.  In the NFC, the 49ers went into the playoffs ranking  the No. 1 seed, whereas in the AFC, the Chiefs entered the playoffs as the No. 3 seed.  In their first playoff matchup , the San Francisco 49ers went against their NFC East GreenBay Packers Giants. They defeated the Detroit Lions, 34–31, in the AFC Divisional round. Kansas City Chiefs beat Baltimore Ravens 17-10. (NFL Super Bowl 2024: Ready for the Final on Feb 11, 2024 - MVP candidates, Usher, and Other Performers).


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A Close Match Until the End

The San Francisco 49ers dominated from the beginning with a very well organized defensive line. By the second quarter, they had scored 10-3. However,  the Kansas City Chiefs maintained their challenge.  

49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel  temporarily exited the third quarter with a hamstring injury, but he returned to the field. Both teams continued to play defense, with the 49ers leading 10-6 in the third quarter.  The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes  threw his 40th career postseason touchdown pass. Mahomes took off for a 22-yard carry, getting the Chiefs into 49ers' territory. Later the City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butler kicked a 57-yard field goal, setting a new Super Bowl record.

Less than 3 minutes before  the end of the third quarter,  the Chiefs  scored a touchdown after recovering a muffed punt and led the game by 13-10. As the fourth quarter got going, Kansas City held a 13-10 edge. Then, 49ers scored an exceptional touchdown, leading 16 - 13 in the mid 4th quarter.

Towards the end of the 4th quarter, it was a tie of 16-16.  Despite being within close to the touchdown line,  Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was not able to deliver the needed pass to TE Travis Kelce for a touchdown to have the Kansas City Chiefs lead the game.  Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce hooked up for a pair of completions  but  were held to a 24-yard field goal.

The 4th quarter did not end with a win, but with a 19-19 tie.  Hence, the game went into the 15 minutes overtime. After 7 minutes,  Kansas City Chiefs scored a kick and led by 22-19.

In the end, the Chiefs were able to score a field goal,  seconds before the end of the 15 minutes overtime, winning with 25-22. It was the end, and as expected,  Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII. 

 Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes delivered an outstanding performance,  maintaining the momentum, with the outstanding performance of Travis Kelce.  Patrick Mahomes was named Super Bowl LVIII MVP,  3 years after  after being named the  MVP of Super Bowl LIV and a year after being  MVP in Super Bowl  LVII.

NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LVIII


Halftime Show: Usher, Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, and Ludacris

The 2023 Super Bowl 57 halftime show was led by Usher Raymond IV  aka Usher,  the singer, songwriter, and dancer, who is a eight-time Grammy Award winner, 18 Billboard Music Awards winner, and the top Billboard honoree with 11 awards. 

 It was yet another epic Super Bowl halftime show performance.  The show was impressive, with lights,  fireworks, and dancers performing on the hits by Usher, and was just an outstanding  performance.  

As predicted, Usher was joined by Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, and Ludacris. The American singer-songwriter Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson aka H.E.R  also teamed up. 

The performance generated several comments on social media, with the main trend being that this was another first, especially as Usher went on roller skates,  changed his costumes several times, and was rumored to have tied the knot with his long term girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea.



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