US Tennis Open: American Frances Tiafoe Makes US Open's Men Semi-finals, a First Since 2006

Frances Tiafoevs Beats Andrey Rublev in US Open 2022

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 2022 US Open Tennis will mostly  be remembered  as the last major Tennis event for Serena Williams. Now, a new surprise has come up:  American Frances Tiafoe, 22nd seed had managed to  make US Open's Men Semifinal, a first since 2006, when Andy Roddick became that latest  American to make US Open  Men semifinal.

In a very intense quarterfinal  game, No 22 Frances Tiafoe, 24,  beat  No. 9 Andrey Rublev in straight sets on Wednesday, Sep 7, 2022.  Frances Tiafoe won three sets,  with two tiebreakers 7-6 (3), 7-6 (0, and a last straight win 6-4.

With the win,  Frances Tiafoe, fills the 16 years gap left by Andy Roddick in 2006.  While Andy Roddick  ended up losing the final to the then No 1,  Roger Federer, expectations have been fueled in favor of Frances Tiafoe to win the final.

In fact,  Frances Tiafoe managed to beat  Rafael Nadal, No 2,   in four sets in the Round of 16 on Monday, Sep 5, 2022.

In he wins the semi-final,  Frances Tiafoe will become the first American man to make to  any Grand Slam final, since 2009  when Roddick  diid it at  Wimbledon.

Frances Tiafoe and his twin brother Franklin, were born in Maryland, US, to  immigrants from Sierra Leone, Africa.


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