AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Identified Key Stocks in February 2021using Machine Learning, Bayesian Network, Stock Segmentation, Market Sentiment Analyses

AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Best Stocks and Sentiment Analysis, Feb 9, 2021

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On February 9,  2021,  AroniSmart™ team, leveraging the Machine Learning, Big Data, Bayesian Network Analysis, Neural Network Analysis, Text Analytics, and Sentiment and Valence Analysis capabilities of the new improved  AroniSmartInvest™,  looked at the stock performance, market sentiment index and events driving the stock market in February 2021.  The analysis was done in preparation of the upcoming lauch of the new improved version of AroniSmartInvest. The new version of AroniSmartInvest, soon available on Apple's App Store™,  will include modules and capabilities to help users and investors to personnaly conduct such analyses.  With this analysis, AroniSmart™ team  highlights below the key findings on the dynamics in February 2021, Q1 2021 and most likely over the year 2021.

 From the analysis, AroniSmart team has built on the analysis in January 2021 (see here AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Machine Learning, Stock Segmentation, Market Sentiment and Key Stocks in January 2021). AroniSmart™ team's analysis continues to show that the market has been building on last year and early 2021 momentum,  coming back from the significant deep since early March 2020 and following the latest US Elections. The  overall sentiment contiues to be positive across the board.( For More on AroniSoft LLC andAroniSmart products click here)


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 A little bit of the insights on the market events and sentiments, from AroniSmart™ team's findings, based on the data as of   February 9, 2021. AroniSmart™ team analyzed the key stories, leveraging the Machine Learning, Big Data Bayesian Network Analysis, Neural Network Analysis, Text Analytics, and Sentiment and Valence Analysis capabilities of of AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™ and uncovered actionable insights.

General Market Events and Sentiments

In general the Market Sentiment is overall positive, especially in news  related to stock markets. The sentiment base on stock related news remains positive ( average positivity >50%).  The segmentation of stocks cleary identifies multple dynamics, even within the general positivity trends.

AroniSmartInvest Sentiment Analysis 2021 01 09

AroniSmartIntelligence™ Analysis of Positive and Negative Sentiment words.

Based on the analysis, as depicted in the Words Cloud and Tags view below,  it was found that the the positivity (see words in green) is driven by words such as  Health, saving, modern, interest, gain, relief, boost, bolster,  support, ,  upbeat, uphold, blossom, improve, enthusiam, smart, oustmart, etc. The words point to the performance of the stock market, new innovations, and the government support to improve economic performance. 

The negativity appears to come from the  volatility and uncertainty in the US politics and new COVID-19 strain including  overwhelm, misunderstanding, disagree, mess, hinder, obliter, unemployment, strain, waste, distrust, prohibit, tumultuous, unbelief, waste.  

AroniSmartInvest Network Stocks Sentiment Analysis 2021 02 09

AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Key Stocks Driving the Market Sentiment

Based on the analysis, it was found that  the sectors driving the markets continue to be  TECH, and  Healthcare with a strong momentum, and  Healthcare slowly pushing forward. Both Financial and Retail  sectors appeared to have taken a pause in late 2020 and Jan 2021. They appear to be coming back, especially those considering new technologies, such as e-Commerce and digital based economy.

The key stocks tickers, with high overall index in the AroniSmartInvest Tags word cloud and Bayesian Network analysis and , as of February 9, 2021 are shown in the Bayesian Network below. As expected, these include Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, Eli Lily, Amazon, Walt Disney, Twitter, Google, Apple, Tesla, Palentir, WalMart, IDEX and others, mostly those related to the latest technologies:

AroniSmartInvest Bayesian Network Stock Analysis 2021 01 07

More detailed analyses, including stock segmentation and profile analysis can be conducted using  Big Data, Machine Learning, Time Series and Sentiment Analysis capabilities of  AroniSmartInvest and AroniSmartIntelligence™.  The modules in upcoming AroniSmartInvest™ are shown below:




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