DR Congo: Rwandan Government Sponsored Meeting to Relaunch M23 Rebellion from Uganda Fails

Congolese M23 Rebels in Rwanda in March 2013

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A meeting to relaunch M23 that was planned in Uganda on Wed April 12, 2017 was called off, when Congolese rebel commanders and leaders of combattants who were expected in Uganda failed to show up.


The meeting was supposed to be led by M23 leaders Bertrand Bisimwa and Sultan Makenga. According to sources, 12 Congolese militia commanders were paid large amounts of dollars by Rwandan military leaders and intelligence operatives,  to travel to Uganda. They were supposed to meet the two M23 leaders and other M23 commanders. When they found out that among the alleged M23 commanders expected in Uganda were Rwandan military officers, they declined to participate or simply did not show up.

Those  expected to attend the meeting also included  the so-called "Congolese combattants" based in Europe  and led by a certain "Thierry" and other M23 leaders based in refugee camps in Uganda . "Thierry", who, allegedly, was already in the process of booking a flight to Kampala, Uganda, cancelled his trip at the last minute, after also learning of the presence of Rwandan military operatives.

Sources told AfroAmerica Network that after the cancellation of the meeting, some of the Congolese commanders received phone calls from former Rwanda Military Chief of Staff and current Ambassador, Lieutenant-General Charles Kayonga, encouraging them to travel to Uganda, for a second attempt.

As an incensntive to attend the meeting, the Congolese commanders allegedly received funds from Major General Jack Nziza, Inspector-General of the Rwanda Defence Force and former head of Military Intelligence. However, it is believed the money came from Congolese President Joseph Kabila. Asked why Joseph Kabila would fund  Congolese insurgency, the sources said that the aim is to provoke chaos in Congo  and discredit UN Peacekeep Mission in Congo, MONUSCO, as the deal brokered by the Catholic Bishops of the CENCO  has now, officially collapsed, following the latest  appointment of the new Congolese Prime Minister, Bruno Tshibala

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