President Joseph Kabila's private residence in North-Kivu set ablaze on Dec 25, 2017


President Joseph Kabila's Private Home Housing Rwandan Special Forces Set Ablaze

In the night of December 24 to 25, 2017, unidentified individuals burnt the private residence of Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila  located in Musienene, Lubero, North-Kivu Province, DRC. Based on the live pictures received by AfroAmerica Network (see the images gallery of the fire progression, received by AfroAmerica Network), the entire residence was completely destroyed, including vehicles in the garage.


The unidentified individuals, suspected to be disguntled government soldiers of the FARDC, set the home ablaze at around 1:00 AM  of Dec 25, 2017. The house burned until early morning.  

According to various sources contacted by AfroAmerica Network correspondent,  the fire was set ablaze by disguntled FARDC soldiers who were angry that the luxurius residence was housing Rwandan special forces, provided by the Rwandan Government  to coordinate the protection of  DRC President Joseph Kabila.

Sources within FARDC command in the area told AfroAmerica Network that these Rwandan special forces are treated better and receive higher salaries and benefits than FARDC troops and even Joseph Kabila's own guards of Congolese origin. This differential treatment has created tensions and may have led to the incident. Some sources told AfroAmerica Network that FARDC may have hired Congolese rebels  or militia to send a strong message to Joseph Kabila regarding his reliance on Rwandan military to illegally remain in power.

The population and traditional leaders in the area also accuse the Rwandan special forces of being behind widespread massacres and targeted assassinations of civilians in the region.