South Sudan, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Rwanda, the World's least happy countries

Rwandan farmers

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March 20, 2019 was declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Happiness.  On that day, the World Happiness Report is  released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations. The report ranks the countries based on how happy their people are. 

The March 20, 2019  report is the seventh published since 2012. The rankings of the world's happiest countries are based on analyses of data from surveys in 156 countries. The data includes the results of the Gallup World Poll starting in 2005-2006.

In the report, 156 countries are ranked on six key variables: income, freedom, trust, healthy life expectancy, social support and generosity. 

The worst rankings include countries where people are most unhappy with their lives, mistrust their governments, lack freedom, are divided into groups hostile to each other, have short life expectancy, and face other life challenges.

The most unhappy people in the World are in the following countries:

  • 156: South Sudan
  • 155: Central African Republic
  • 154: Afghanistan
  • 153: Tanzania
  • 152: Rwanda

The people in these countries are led by bloody and corrupt dictators, have been rocked by civil wars or faced pervasive economic mismanagement.