Rwandan Military Intelligence Operatives Planning to Free Vital Kamerhe and Create Republic of Kivu, Sources within M23 Tell AfroAmerica Network

Republic of Kivu Flags in Bukavu, June 30, 2020

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Reliable sources within the Rwandan backed former M-23 Congolese rebels inform an AfroAmerica Network correspondent in the Democratic  Repubic of the Congo (DRC) that operatives from the Rwandan Military Intelligence  and Special Forces are aready in Kinshasa and getting ready to help Vital Kamerhe escape from prison.  Vital Kamerhe is a former highly influential Congoless political leader and chief of staff of the current DRC President Felix Tshisekedi. He is in the Makala prison since April 2020 and was found guilty, on June 20, 2020, of embezzling more than US $ 48 million within the first 3 months of accession to power.

 Vital Kamerhe was close to Rwandan top military leaders, including Gen. James Kabarebe, the Senior Presidential Adviser to the Rwandan dictator, Gen. Paul Kagame, on security matters.  Gen, James Kabarebe is currently under house arrest and close surveillance, after being suspected of preparing a military coup (see AfroAmerica Network: Rwandan Top Military Leaders, Suspected of Planning a Coup, Arrested in Kigali, Rwanda)

According to the sources, the Rwandan special forces workin on the escape of Vital Kamerhe were flown to Kinshasa, using the airline Rwanda Air. The Rwandan Government has partnered with the current DRC government, led by Felix Tshisekedi, to have the Rwandan airline company, Rwanda Air, operate without hindrance.

On February 26, 2020 , General Mubaraka, the top commander of the Rwandan Defence Forces in Central and Western Regions of Rwanda,  confirmed that the Rwandan Military uses Rwandan Air planes to easily, effortlessly, and discreetly move Rwandan troops to the DRC territories (see here:  AfroAmerica Network: Rwandan General Mubaraka Muganga Explains Rwandan Government Military and Political Strategy: Sustain Endless wars in DR Congo, Ruling France, and a Tight Grip on The CommonWealth.)

The Independent Republic of Kivu

According to the sources, once Vital Kamerhe escapes, he will be immediately transported to the Kivu Province, in  Eastern DRC.  He will then form an army, mostly composed by Rwandan military backed former M23 rebels,  Some Banyamulenge, the  Resistance for the Rule of Law in Burundi or RED Tabara, and some militants of his political party,  under the coordination of  Rwandan special forces.

Once the army is ready, he  will declare the secession of the  Kivu Province from the DRC. The Republic of Kivu will initially operate like South Sudan, with the aim of federating with Rwanda, once the plan succeeds.

On June 30, 2020 the followers of Vital Kamerhe, within his UNC party,  already raised "Republic of Kivu" flags in the town of Bukavu. They also published a government, that include the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Dennis Mukwege. Since then, Dr. Dennis Mukwege has  firmly condemned and distanced himslef from such action aiming at disintegrating and balkanizing the DRC.

AfroAmerica Network is still closely followingt he story