Rwanda: Alfred Nkubili, Purported Transporter of Missiles Used in 1994 Assassination of Rwanda and Burundi Presidents, Kidnapped in Kigali

Alfred Nkubili, Rwandan Businessman signing business deals

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Sources within Rwandan intelligence services told AfroAmerica Network that on Friday, July 03, 2020,  President Paul Kagame's security forces arrested Alfred Nkubili, a Rwandan businessman, at his house.  Alfred Nkubili  is a prominent business man whose trucks allegedly transported to Masaka hills missiles that were used by Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)  troops to shoot down the airplane carrying the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvenal habyarimana.  According to the sources, the entire kidnapping operation looked like a thrilling action movie. 

As Nkubili was returning home in the evening on July 3, 2020, Rwandan President General Paul Kagame's security forces followed him into his compound and forcefully removed him from his vehicle at gun point, threw him into the back of a truck, and sped off. His whereabouts remain unknown.
Who is Alfred Nkubili?
He is one of the many Tutsi businessmen who prospered under President Juvenal Habyarimana's regime and survived the Rwandan genocide. According to unconfirmed reports and sources, on April 06, 1994, an RPF commando used his Toyota truck to transport missiles from the parliament  building, known as CND,  to Masaka. From Masaka, the missiles were launched by RPF troops   and downed the airplane carrying the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvenal Habyarimana. The two presidents and all the passengers and crews were killed (see AfroAmerica Network: Remembering Assassination of Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira: Time for Overdue Justice For Families)
In the wake of the genocide, the RPF rewarded Alfred Nkubili with lucrative business contracts. He setup the  conglomerate  Ets Nkubili Alfred and Sons, also known as ENAS. He became wealthy, so wealthy that he built commercial buildings and mansions in Rwanda and bought houses in Canada where he sent his children for school and bought houses for them.
Then he fell out of favor with the RPF leadership when Crystal Ventures, a conglomerate owned by the RPF,  took over control of the Rwandan economy. In July, 2016, Alfred Nkubiri was arrested, after being accused of using forged documents, importing "substandard goods and fertilizers", through his conglomerate  ENAS.  Another version of the reasons for his arrest at the time was that Crystal Ventures sought to squeeze him and ENAS out of the agro-industry business and he had tried to fight back.
According to our sources in Kigali, Alfred Nkubili is diabetic and his family is concerned about his well being since without insulin he would die and his complicity with the RPF in the downing of the plane will go to the grave with him. In 2018, he spent over a month seeking medical care in Canada.
Alfred Nkubili's sister is the wife of Prosper Higiro, the current Rwandan Ambassador to Canada. So far, Ambassador Prosper Higiro and his wife have kept  mum about Alfred Nkubili's fate.
AfroAmerica Network has tried to contact them without success.