Rwanda: Kidnapped Alfred Nkubili, Purported Transporter of 1994 Deadly Missiles, in Critical Condition, Relatives Tell AfroAmerica Network

Alfred Nkubili, Rwandan Businessman

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On July 07 and 10, 2020, sources within Rwandan intelligence services told AfroAmerica Network that on Friday, July 03, 2020  President Paul Kagame's security forces arrested Alfred Nkubili, a Rwandan businessman, at his house (see AfroAmerica Network & AroniSmart : Rwanda: Alfred Nkubili, Purported Transporter of Missiles Used in 1994 Assassination of Rwanda and Burundi Presidents, Kidnapped in Kigali).  Alfred Nkubili's relatives have told AfroAmerica Network that Alfred Nkubili is in critical condition at King Faysal Hospital in Kigali where Rwandan security forces took him on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

 Alfred Nkubili is a prominent business man whose trucks allegedly transported to Masaka hills missiles that were used by Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)  troops to shoot down the airplane carrying the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvenal habyarimana.  AfroAmerica Network has obtained, from additional sources, new facts regarding Alfred Nkubili’s alleged role in the transportation of the missiles.

 Alfred Nkubili Health Has Deteriorated 

 AfroAmerica Network corresponded reported in the earlier stories that,  according to sources in Kigali, Alfred Nkubili is diabetic and his family was concerned about his well being since without insulin he would die and his complicity with the RPF in the downing of the plane would go to the grave with him. In 2018, he spent over a month seeking medical care in Canada. Alfred Nkubili's sister is the wife of Prosper Higiro, the current Rwandan Ambassador to Canada.

Prior to being hospitalized over this week, Alfred Nkubili had been rushed to King Faysal Hospital in Kigali  three times under a military escort. Whenever he arrived there everything came to a standstill, an honor usually reserved to President Paul Kagame and his family.

Furaha, Nkubili’s son, was able to slip into King Faysal Hospital and briefly speak with his father before he was chased out as a dog. Now the hospital is under surveillance with military police agents in plain clothes milling around.

Alfred Nkubili Wealth Forcefully Transferred  to the State of Rwanda

A Rwandan government source who has requested anonymity told AfroAmerica Network that security forces had Nkubili sign a lot of documents forcing him to transfer his wealth to the state of Rwanda. According to the source, he is left "with nothing, not even his underwear."

He just signed anything presented to him without knowing its content. Nkubili is unaware of what is going on around him. Our source says, ‘Yataye ubwenge” or "he has lost his mind".

Security forces have also closed his bank accounts. Following earlier reports by AfroAmerica Network, The newspaper Igihe, known as the mouthpiece of the RPF, has published an article accusing Nkubili and other businessmen of embezzling funds intended for delivering fertilizers to Rwandan peasants. It alleges that Nkubili owes the Rwandan treasury more than two billion Rwandan francs  for fertilizers he never delivered.

A source familiar with the case claims that the fertilizer issue ended about two years ago when Alfred Nkubili entered a deal with the Rwandan government to end the matter. To this source, based on the military escort he has seen at the hospital and the many plain cloth members of the security forces milling around it, there is something else going on.

Nkubili’s relatives are asking friends to pray for him and have resigned themselves to his imminent death.

AfroAmerica Network is closely following the story.