Rwanda: How Businessman Alfred Nkubili Became Paul Kagame's Target; Who are behind Bailing Him Out and Who is Next

Alfred Nkubili, Rwandan Businessman with Rwandan President General Paul Kagame

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Alfred Nkubili is a Rwandan businessman who, according to sources within Rwandan intelligence services, was kidnapped at his house on Friday, July 03, 2020 by President Paul Kagame's security forces, and accused of embezzlement, falsification and concealing business deals.
However, multiple sources with the Rwandan Intelligence Services have told AfroAmerica Network correspondent that the crime committed by Alfred Nkubili has nothing to do with what he is currently accused of. How did all start and what are the implications?

Alfred Nkubili's case dates back to the era of  President Juvenal Habyarimana's regime.

Alfred Nkubili and Egide Gatera, two prominent Tutsi businessmen in Rwanda before 1994, allegedly transported the missiles (see here AfroAmerica Network: Rwanda: Court Decides to Keep Alfred Nkubili, Purported transporter of 1994 Deadly Missiles, in Jail Pending Additional Investigations).

Alfred Nkubili is one of the many Tutsi businessmen who prospered under President Juvenal Habyarimana's regime and were among those who were prioritized in getting government contracts, import and export licences, incentives in opening and expanding businesses and other government benefits to all kinds of businesses.

However, Alfred Nkubili was more than a businessman: he was one of the leaders of President Habyarimana's party, known as MRND, in the district he lived in. He was what was known as "Nyumbakumi" or village or town leader, in MRND leadership hierarchy.

But, as may RPF leaders disclosed after RPF took power, Alfred Nkubili was also a double agent, working as RPF advanced well-placed mole, feeding false information to MRND leadership and ex-FAR intelligence services, while collecting intelligence for General Paul Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).

It is in his capacity as a mole that Alfred Nkubili, allegedly, gave his truck to the RPF battalion housed in the Parliament Building or CND to transport missiles from the Parliament Building or CND to Masaka Hills on April 06, 1994. Two trucks were involved in the operations. The missiles were allegedly used in 1994 shooting down of the plane carrying the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvenal habyarimana and their aides

According to sources, the missiles had been moved from Mulindi, Byumba, hidden in firewood in detached parts. Some selected members of the RPF battalion put them back together at the Parliament Building and loaded them on Nkubili’s truck, a Toyota Hilux double cab. On the way to Masaka Hills, there was a second truck involved, a Toyota Hilux pick up that tailed Nkubili’s to make sure that in case the yellow double cab Toyota Hilux broke down, the missiles would be transferred to the second one and the military operation would continue.

Egide Gatera, another prominent Tutsi businessman, was the owner of the second truck. Egide Gatera had lucrative businessess that included supplying food, meat, and woods to Juvenal Hayarimana's troops, Ex-FAR and the prisons and was very close to the Ex-FAR high ranking military leaders. Egide Gatera has also been close to the Rwandan first Lady, Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi, since they were both very young.

Alfred Nkubili remorses and ensuing troubles

In the night of April 6, 1994 the plane carrying the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvenal habyarimana and their aides was shot down by the missiles. All on the board of the plane, including the crew, were killed.

According to sources close to Alfred Nkubili, when he heard that all people on board were killed, and saw the widespread massacres of innocent civilians, including children, women and eldererly that followed, just because of their ethnic groups, he seemed so hurt and his eyes were constantly filled with in tears. He became withdrawn. He and his family had been quickly evacuated and protected by RPF operatives and special forces, but he was rarely interacting with other people. Slowly, after RPF's victory, he focused on his businesses, but no longer seemed the same. He was overwhelmed by remorses, according to the sources.

Then, one day, he confided to a person he believed to be a "friend" on how he got involved in the transportation of the missiles, who else participated and how he was compensated. Immediately following the exchange of the confidences, the "friend" rushed to request an urgent appointment with General Paul Kagame, citing matters of high national security.

General Paul Kagame received the person in an undisclosed location. The "friend" shared a drink with the person. When the "friend" disclosed the content of the conversation with Alfred Nkubili to General Paul Kagame, the latter dropped to the floor the glass he was holding, which broke into pieces.

The "friend" was terrified and told his own family members of what happened. Some family members rushed to Alfred Nkubili to warn him of potential consequences. Alfred Nkubili's troubles and current tribulations, including on-going false accusations, trials, jail time, and denial of bail, had started.

But, Who Is Bailing Alfred Nkubili Out?

AfroAmerica Network's sources who followed the trial closely have said that the people willing to bail Alfred Nkubili out include family members and associates. The most cited names are his brother-in-law, Prosper Higiro, the current Rwandan Ambassador in Canada and Donald Kaberuka, the former head of African Development Bank.

How is the Family Coping?

Alfred Nkubili's sister is the wife of Prosper Higiro, the current Rwandan Ambassador to Canada. So far, Ambassador Prosper Higiro and his wife have publicly kept  mum about Alfred Nkubili's fate. However, according to sources they have been highly active behind the scenes, funding actions, trying to bail him and leveraging their contacts within the government to put pressure on the key actors.

Some sources mentioned that Tom Ndahiro, his younger brother, is also funding some actions. However, but given his involvement with Rwandan intelligence services and government sponsored extremist groups, he has chosen to take a low profile on the case against his older brother.

AfroAmerica Network corresponded reported in the earlier stories that,  according to sources in Kigali, Alfred Nkubili is diabetic and his family was concerned about his well being since without insulin he would die and his complicity with the RPF in the downing of the plane would go to the grave with him. Alfred Nkubili had been rushed to King Faysal Hospital in Kigali  multiple times under a military escort. Whenever he arrived there everything came to a standstill, an honor usually reserved to President Paul Kagame and his family.

Furaha, Nkubili’s son, was able to slip into King Faysal Hospital and briefly speak with his father before he was chased out as a dog. Now the hospital is under surveillance with military police agents in plain clothes milling around.

Afterwards, when his wife tried to visit him, she was denied access. She watched him through the glass door and waved to him, with tears running down her cheeks.

His son, a student in Toronto, Canada, spoke to the court during the latest trial. The family asked him to tone down his words, but he didn't. He is accused of being close to the family of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, through undisclosed relationships.

Alfred Nkubili's daughter, a student in the United States of America, has been active on social media. She defended her father and begged for mercy from General Paul Kagame, under the Twitter account @k_maryz, which has since been deleted.

AfroAmerica Network is closely following the story.

Is Egide Gatera next?

AfroAmerica Network sources in Kigali say that, with Alfred Nkubili gone, the eyes of General Paul Kagame are focusing on the next target, privy of the 1994 deadly missiles secrets:   Egide Gatera.  In the current Rwanda political culture Egide Gatera is an “umushumba” (herder), that is, a person used by powerful high ranking RPF officials to hide wealth and launder money. He owns between forty and fifty big trucks with trailers, methane gas exploitations, and tea factories but in name only;  these trucks reportedly belong to the RPF. About a decade ago Egide Gatera reportedly fell out of favor with the RPF and fled to Belgium where he stayed for a while then returned to Rwanda.

Some sources said that he survived poisoning attempts by RPF agents, has to regurlay seek treatment in Europe, and does not associate with other people.

Another name mentionned is  Gasongo, who once bragged about the feat achieved by Alfred Nkubili’s truck but has avoided attention since Alfred Nkubili's kidnapping.

Alfred Nkubili, Egide Gatera and Gasongo are active members and sponsors of an ethnic extremist organization known as Ibuka, one of the multiple associations created after 1994 by the RPF to impose its hegemony in Rwanda, working closely with  Tom Ndahiro also known in social media as Peter Mahirwe.

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