Rwanda: CommonWealth Cancels the Summit Planned in Kigali, Rwanda In June 2021

General Paul Kagame's Speech Attacking BBC in December 2014 over Human Rights Abuses Reports

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 Commonwealth Secretary-General, Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, has cancelled the CommonWealth summit that was planned in Kigali, Rwanda in June 2021. The decision was communicated in a Circular Letter dated on May 7, 2021,  a copy of which was obtained by AfroAmerica Network.  The official reasons of the cancellation are the prevailing risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The CommonWealth Secretary-General refers to  assessments by health institutions, including the World Health Organization. 

The  CommonWealth meeting was planned in January 2020, then due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rescheduled to June 2020, and then to 2021. 

 COVID-19 Pandemic Risks,  Widespread Condemnation over Systematic Human Rights  Abuses, or Both?

Meanwhile, several sources also told AfroAmerica Network that one of the unspoken reasons are the appalling human rights records in Rwanda.In fact, on January 25, 2021, Governments around the World, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Noth America, South America,  especially the members of the CommonWealth and The European Union, the United States, and others published statements unanimously calling the Rwandan government on systematic human rights abuses, killings and disappearances of political opponents, activists, and journalists.


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  Although the  compelling reasons behind the consistent and unanimous condemnations  remain unclear,  AfroAmerica Network had received information on a potential driver of the condemnation: a memorandum written by a well known organization documenting the widely documented systematic human right abuses and violations by the Rwandan government and the perceived inaction by the World community to call the Rwandan Givernment and its leaders on these killings, abuses, and violations. ( See here: Why Did World Powers, Including the CommonWealth, European Union, the United States, and Others Unanimously Called Rwandan Government on Systematic Human Rights Abuses and Killings?)

Now the key question of the real motives behind the cancellation of the CommonWealth Summit that was scheduled in Kigali, Rwanda remains:  Is it because of the COVID-19 pandemic risks as stated in the Circular lettter,  Widespread condemnation of the Rwandan government over systematic human rights abuses, or both?


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