DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi, Facing Serious Crisis in East, Finally Decides to Expel Rwandan Ambassador Karega

Felix Tshisekedi and Paul Kagame in Gisenyi, Rwanda on June 25, 2021

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After a long waiting,  and as expected following multiple reports by AfroAmerica Network,  the DRC President  Felix Tshisekedi has finally decided to expel the  Rwandan ambassador Vincent Karega. The decision was made during a security meeting held by the DRC president with his Conseil Supérieur de la Défense (Security High Commission) including top military, security and political advisors in Kinshasa, on Saturday,  October 29, 2022.   

On the night of May 27, 2022,  DRC President  Felix Tshisekedi confirmed, during an emergency meeting with the Conseil Supérieur de la Défense (Security High Commission),  that the Rwandan ambassador Vincent Karega was summoned a day earlier (See here DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi, Facing Serious Crisis in East, Closer to Expelling Rwandan Ambassador Karega).

After that meeting, it was expected that the ambassador was going to be expelled, without a long delay. However,  Felix Tshisekedi,  as usual, closed his eyes. According to AfroAmerica Network sources with access to  Felix Tshisekedi's administration,  his closest aides have been used to Felix Tshisekedi's unpredicted behaviors and statements,  lack of political experience, and patent naivete.  In fact, he has  consistently been  widely criticised for closing his eyes when it came to the atrocities committed in the DRC and against the Congolese civilians by Rwanda troops and military leaders and their supported militia.

This time, things changed.

According to AfroAmerica Network sources, several elements have swayed President Felix Tshisekedi, including the following:

  • overwhelming facts and proofs gathered during military operations confirming that the  Rwandan military has increased the armament, funding, and  military support to M23 Congolese rebels;
  • Expansion of military operations by M23 rebels led by identified known Rwandan military officers;
  • The failure of the East Afrrican Community to deploy troops to the DRC, as planned in  the agreements signed in  Nairobi, Kenya and Luanda, Angola ;
  • Intelligence gathered when interrogating FARDC high ranking military officers and commanders accused of supporting M23 and working with Rwandan military iintelligence and plotting a military coup (DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi Beset by Systemic Corruption, now Under Threat from Former President Joseph Kabila and Associate Vital Kamerhe);
  • A note presented based on an analysis by a Rwandan expert knowledgeable of the history of the invasion of DRC by Rwandan troops and the ensuing Congolese tragedy. Accorrding AfroAmerica Network sources, the note was summarized by government employees and shared with  the members of the Conseil Supérieur de la Défense (Security High Commission)  just before the meeting ( See the reference note  here: Beyond the Myth Ex-FAR/Interahamwe and the Congolese Tragedy).


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The decision to expel the Rwandan ambassador comes as the  Rwandan special forces, wearing uniforms, and under the cover of M23  Congolese rebels waging a war in the East, have been advancing and expanding the invasions of  the North-Kivu provice, in eastern DRC.

The expulsion, expected within 48 hourrs, was hailed by the Congolese population and politicians. However, most people and politicians have publicly insisted that the  decision  by President Felix Tshisekedi was long overdue and stated that they expected more, specifically more tangiible military actions  against M23 and Rwandan troops.

Now, following the expulsion, all eyes are on Felix Tshisekedi's next steps:

  • With the Rwandan Ambassador be expelled, what is the next geopolitical move?
  • Will the DRC military, FARDC, be able to halt  the advance of the M23 rebels and Rwandan troops  and repulse the invading  Rwandan military troops to Rwanda?
  • Will the DRC government,  the United Nations, and the African Union hold the Rwandan government accountable for all the war crimes, looting, and distructions committed in the DRC by Rwandan military and its funded and supported militia?
  • Will finally the iinternational powers support the DRC government and put due pressure on the Rwandan government and military?

 AfroAmerica Network is still closely following the situation.


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