DR Congo - Rwanda : After Comparing Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame to Hitler, DR Congo President Tshisekedi Promises Overthrowing His Regime If Reelected.

Felix Tshisekedi and Paul Kagame in Angola July 6, 2022

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  On Friday night, December 8 2023,  Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) President Felix Tshisekedi  on a presidential campaign for his reelection, while addressing his supporters,  directed his attacks against Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame. He compared him to the German NAZI leader Adolph Hitler and promised that he will make sure that Paul Kagame  will have an end similar to Adolph Hitler's. Now, during his latest campaign stop in Kinshasa, Felix Tshisekedi has promised his supporters that, if elected,  he will declare war against Paul Kagame and invade Rwanda all way to Kigali to overthrow Paul Kagame's regime.

According to AfroAmerica Network sources within Paul Kagame's entourage, the two speeches by Felix Tshisekedi, on top of other public criticisms,  have raised fears and  created a chaos and havoc within the circles of the closest aides to Paul Kagame. Felix Tshisekedi's speeches have been fueling on-going rumors of an impending military coup attempt in Rwanda.

 On December 8, 2023, while addressing a rally in the Eastern city of Bukavu, Felix Tshisekedi told the audience that he has words to address to Paul Kagame for his behavior against the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its people.  He said:  "since he [Paul Kagame] wanted to behave like Adolf Hitler by having expansionist aims, I promise he will end up like Adolf Hitler."

General Paul Kagame and his army have been widely accused by the DRC leaders of backing M23 rebels  who have invaded the East of the DRC and have been accused of committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, looting, assassinations, sex crimes,  and other crimes against the civilian population.

The United Nations group of experts on the DRC has widely documented the invasion of Eastern DRC by Rwandan military, under the cover of M23 rebels.  Most countries  and independent organizations, the European Union, United States of America,  have documented and backed the UN findings and the accusations and have enacted sanctions against some M23 and Rwandan military leaders. 

The Rwandan military backed M23-Rebels have been seizing Congolese territories forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes, despite several peace accords and the presence of the troops of the  UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO and the East African Community (EAC).

 Reacting to Felix Tshisekedi's remarks regarding Paul Kagame behaving and risking to end up like Adolf  Hitler, Rwandan government spokesperson Yolande Makolo said, in a Twitter X post, that the message  was "a loud and clear threat by the DRC president".


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 On Going Tension Between Felix Tshisekedi's and  Paul Kagame.

On December 18, 2023, during a rally in Kinshasa, Felix Tshisekedi took his attacks on Paul Kagame's behaviors  to another level.

He reaffirmed his commitment to engage Paul Kagame and his regime and his plan to invade Rwanda and overthrow Paul Kagame. He told the rally: “if you renew your confidence in me, and if Rwanda continues its actions in the east of our territory, I will bring together the two Houses of Parliament in Congress so that I can be authorized to declare war on them and we will continue our war all way to Kigali. Tell Kagame that he used to "have fun" with the former leaders of the DRC. The DRC has changed. I will respond to any provocation.”.
 He then repeated what he said in Bukavu, adding that Paul Kagame "he [has] met his match, someone who is determined to stop him and protect his country."

 There are also the talks that Felix Tshisekedi is supported by China and USA in a potential war with Rwanda. In fact, on May 25, 2023 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi visited China and exchanged with the Congolese community living in China. During his visit that was officially about the economic cooperation between DRC and China, Felix Tshisekedi evoked the invasion of DRC by Rwandan troops under the cover of M23 rebels, the collaboration between the EAC force and the M23 rebels, and the potential open wars with Rwanda (see here  On a visit in China, DRC Felix Tshisekedi Evokes Getting Ready for Open War Against Rwandan Regime. )
With Felix Tshisekedi's speeches, along with the on-going dynamics in the region,  the fear has spread across  the Rwandan military and political leadership. Several urgent meetings  of the Rwandan military leaders are being held in Kigali and across the country to prepare for the potential war with DRC. The situation has also fueled on-going rumors of an impending military coup against Paul Kagame by his disgruntled former military generals and other Rwandan figures.  Within the military and the civilian elite ruling Rwanda, there have recently  been mounting complaints against Paul Kagame and his closest confidants for his aggression against neighbors, provoking hatred against Rwandans in the region.

But, at some point, Felix Tshiskedi clarified in his speeches that  Rwandan people are not the enemies of the DRC and  that It is the oligarchy ruling Rwanda, under the oligarch Paul Kagame which is our real enemy, the enemy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (see DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi Urges Congolese to Have Empathy for Rwandans, and Rather Target Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame and His Diabolic Oligarchy  ).   
  In his address to the nation on December 4, 2022 , while meeting youth leaders, President Tshisekedi poured scorn on the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame in unusual terms, saying " Congolese people, do not hate Rwandans. Rwandans are not our enemies. It is the oligarchy ruling Rwanda, under the oligarch Paul Kagame which is our real enemy, the enemy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rwandans are our brothers and sisters. They live under the brutal bloody repressive regime. Hence they need our help to free themselves. ... Rwandans need our solidarity and our help to get rid of their leader, who is one of the degenerate African leaders. Paul Kagame examplifies the most degenerate African leaders. Paul Kagame is an arrogant devilish individual, who claims to be a master of wars, systematic massacres, and destructions. If I were him, I would rather hide, instead of priding with such  wicked schemes. How can a sane person be proud of spreading death and desolation? His actions are really shameful and, I would actually qualify them as evil, diabolical."

 AfroAmerica Network sources in Kigali have also learned that the new rebel group created in Nairobi by the exiled  former director of the Congolese electoral commission (CENI), Corneille Nangaa,  is  believed to be supported by the Rwandan military.

According to the sources, before the meeting in Nairobi,  the leaders of the new rebel group, known as Alliance Fleuve Congo (AFC), sent an envoy to Kigali to get the blessing from Paul Kagame. Paul Kagame allegedly agreed to supporting the rebel group by providing the weapons through M23-rebels and funding from some of the well known Congolese leaders, including  former President Joseph Kabila and  General John Numbi, his central figure and right hand  during his administration.

 Some leaders of the groups that were mentioned in  Corneille Nangaa's statement, especially PARECO,  have told AfroAmerica Network that they were not involved in AFC, as they cannot be associated with the Rwandan military. Since then, DRC government has recalled its ambassadors from Kenya and the Eastern Africa Community (EAC) and the government of Kenya has distanced itself from  Corneille Nangaa and the leaders of the AFC.  In March 2019,  Corneille Nangaa was one of  DRC’s National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI)three top election officials, sanctioned by the US government for alleged corruption tied to the long-delayed presidential election, including embezzling funds that were supposed to have been used to carry out a timely democratic vote.

 At the time, under the constitution, then DRC dictator Joseph Kabila was supposed to have stepped down in 2016, but due to the corruption of CENI officials, the long postponement kept him in office for another two years.

AfroAmerica Network is still following the dynamics in Kigali, Rwanda and Kinshasa, DRC and getting more information from several sources close to the leaders of  DRC and Rwanda. 


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