Congolese Rebel General Lafontaine's troops battling Rwandan-Backed Cheka's fighthers in Lubero, North Kivu, DRC

Congolese Rebel, General Lafontaine in his stronghold of Mbwavinywa, Lubero, North-Kivu, DRC

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A coalition of the troops of Congolese rebel General Kakulu Sikuli Vasaka Lafontaine's UPCP and Rwandan rebels of  RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkeragutabara have been battling fighters of Cheka's Nduma Defense Forces in Kasiki, Lubero, Noth-Kivu Province, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sources in the area have told AfroAmerica Network

On December 25, 2015,  the fighters of the Congolese warlord Cheka Ntabo Ntaberi, known as Nduma Defense of Congo (NDC),

 allegedly backed by Rwandan government, launched a surprise attack  and entered the village of Mbwavinywa, in the Lubero territory of North-Kivu Province. The village was under the control of the troops commanded General Sikule Lafontaine. 

Cheka's fighters have created a coalition with another warlord known as Chandayila. The coalition, allegedly funded and supported by Rwandan Security services and trained by Rwandan military special forces operatives, is known as  Union pour la Defense du People Innocent(UPDI).  UDPI took opportunity of the Christmas holidays to launch surprise attacks in Lubero territory from their bases Walikale.

According to local people in Lubero contacted by AfroAmerica Network, Cheka and Chandayila's fighters briefly entered Mbwavinywa, General Lafontaine's stronghold. 

Then, General Lafontain's troops,  supported by Rwandan rebels of the Rally for Unity and Democracy (RUD-Urunana) and Rally of the Rwandan People counterattacked.  Cheka and Chandayila's troops fled into the surrounding hills of Kasiki.  FARDC troops who were based in Kasiki abandoned their positions as Cheka's and Chandaliya's figthers entered the village. 

 As of Sunday, December 27, 2015,  most people contacted by an AfroAmerica Network correspondent in the area, said that Cheka's and Chandayila's fighters were fleeing from Kasiki towards Walikale,  but sporadic fighting continued as they were pursued by  the troops of General Lafontaine supported by the Rwandan rebels of RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkeragutabara. 

 The fightings have displaced civilians from the villages of Mbwavinywa, Kasiki, Busekera, Luofu, and  Luhanga. The civilians have mostly fled towards  Kayna, Kirumba, Kanyabayonga, Kasuho, and Kaheri. 

 Sources close to General Lafontaine have told AfroAmerica Network that after two days of battling in and around the  villages of Mbwavinywa and Kasiki, the situation is under control and Cheka's and Chandayila troops are on the run.

 General Lafontaine has been fighting Cheka's troops for several years. Usually Cheka's attacks on General Lafontaine' stronghold happen towards the end of the year (see our article here)