DR Congo: New Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala Broadly Rejected, Including by European Union

Joseph Kabila, isolated, hanging onto power

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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  President Joseph Kabila has appointed Bruno Tshibala, 62 years old, as the new prime minister to lead the  government until presidential elections later this year. As expected, Mr Tshibala's appointment  has been rejected by the opposition, including his own political party, UDPS and world major powers.

A day after the nomination, the European Union has rejected the nomination. In a statement issued on Saturday, April 8, 2017, the European Union (EU) denounced the nomination,  pointing to  the lack of consensus  among President Kabila, the opposition, and  CENCO,  the Roman Catholic Church association of bishops.

The  EU said that the appointment violated the  spirit of the December  31, 2016 Agreement  brokered by the CENCO, between the opposing parties.

Mr Kabila was supposed to step down late last year after his  legal second and final five-year term ended. He refused to hold elections and, consequently, to  hand over power. His  refusal to step down and to organise the elections has led to national wide  deadly demonstrations by opposition supporters and the repression by Mr Kabila's notorious republican guard and  police. Meanwhile,  Mr Kabila has called-in foreigh troops to reinforce his republican guard.

The EU has urged the Congolese leaders to abide by the UN Security Council resolution 2348, which calls for the immediate implementation of  the CENCO deal. During the last UN Security Council meeting on DRC, the United States Ambassador Nikki Haley, qualified Joseph Kabila's government of being "corrupt" and preying on the Congolese people. It is expected that the US Government will also  officially reject Joseph Kabila's appointment of Bruno Tshibala.

AfroAmerica Network has also learned that DRC opposition leaders may be actively considering their options, given that Joseph Kabila may seek to ignore the objections to Bruno Tshibala's appointment. Already, major oppositions parties have announced  country wide  demonstrations for April 10, 2017.