Emmanuel Macron, 39 and Wife, Brigitte Trogneux, 64: Next French First Couple?

Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte Trogneux, kiss after winning first round of France presidential elections

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Emmanuel Macron has won the first round of the French presidential elections. As predicted by AfroAmerica Network, the embattled French candidate Francois Fillon, who led the polls before a scandal engulfed his chances, lost


With the loss, his "making France great again and giving French people the hope they believe in." motto collapsed.

Francois Fillon had vowed to fight back and bring his tanking numbers up. As AfroAmerica Network had noted, the potential failure of Francois Fillon's candidacy gave hopes to other two candidates: the young and energetic socialist and former Finances Minister under Francois Holland, Emmanuel Macron and the right wing candidate Marine Le pen. They came in first and second positions, with Francois Fillon, in third position.
The deciding runoff elections will be held on May 7, 2017, between the socialist leaning Emmanuel Macron and the right wing candidate Marine Le Pen.

Immediately after the win, a media frenzy ensued. The attention turned to the closest aides of the candidates, and especially the potential spouses.

Marine Lepen, a single mom, is divorced twice. Emmanuel Macron's story appears to draw more interest. His love for his wife, Brigitte Trogneux, goes back to when he was 17 years old, in high school. Brigitte Trogneux also happened to be his teacher, 25 years older than him. Emmanuel Macron could only make a vow that he will marry her one day. He will have to wait for 12 years, when at 29 years old, he finally  tied the not with the divorced Brigitte Trogneux, then aged 54. 

Macron, now 39, and Trogneux, now 64 appear to form a formidable couple, probably the next French President and First Lady.