Europe-Rwanda: European Union, UK, and US Reportedly Working on Sanctions Against Rwandan Government for Systematic Human rights Abuses, Lack of Freedom in Rwanda, and Kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina

European Union Condemns Rwandan Government for Systematic Human rights Abuses October 7, 2021

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 Thursday October 7, 2021 The European Parliament representatives (MEPs) adopted a resolution against the repressive actions and systematic human rights abuses by the Rwandan government. One of the highlighted repressive actions is the  kidnapping, detention in abusive conditions, denial of legal representation and fair trial, and unjustly condemnation  to 25 years of a Rwandan opposition leader, Paul Rusesabagina.  AfroAmerica Network has obtained information that the European Union and other powerful countries are working on resolutions to impose sanctions against the Rwandan government in general and, more specifically, some Rwandan political and military leaders. 


Appaling Human Rights Abuses in Rwanda

In the resolution of October 7, 2021, the European parliament condemned the Rwandan Government for graves human rights violations, arbitrary arrestations and fallacious accusations of opposition leaders and government critics, disappearances, abuses in secret detentions and other grave violations, against African and international agreements and statutes (See here Europe-Rwanda:  European Union Condemns Rwandan Government for Systematic Human rights Abuses and Lack of Freedom in Rwanda and Calls for Sanctions Against Rwanda Government ).

The  injuction also pressed the government of Rwanda   to immediately release a Rwandan opposition leader, Paul Rusesabagina and to ensure his safe return to his country of residence. The Government of Rwanda ignored the  conclusions contained in the resolution and, according to sources within the Rwandan government,  elaborated a strategy  to put pressure on some leaders of the European Union.

Now, according to AfroAmerica Network sources,  the European Union working with government of other powerful countries, mainly  the UK and the US, has decided to go eahead with sanctions against the Rwandan government and selected  leaders..



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European Union Condemnation of  the Rwandan Govenment for Human Rights Abuses: A First

The Rwandan government is widely known as one of the most human rights abusing governments on the African continent and is often criticized by International organizations, human rights organizations and activists, and independent medias for kidnappings, disappearances, assassinations, and war crimes, including genocides ( See United Nations 2011 Mapping Report: France-Africa Summit: Rwandan Paul Kagame warns the United States and The European Union against Giving him Lessons on Justice and Fairness and Rejects UN Mapping Report)
The Rwandan government is led by General Paul Kagame, one of the most brutal dictators in Africa (see Africa: African Dictatorsof 2021; 3 Down, More to Go).

Once the sanctions are executed, it will be the fist time the European Union has taken such consequential decisions, a followup to the unequivocal position of the MEPs against the Rwandan government.  


What is next?

Based on the sources, it appears that it is no longer a matter of  whether,  but rather when the sanctions by European Union, the UK and the US against the Rwandan government will be decided and  implemented.  It appears these sanctions have become a top priority.

 Will the Rwandan Government release Paul Rusesabagina, and other numerous political prisonners, activists, and journalists held in Rwanda prisons and secret safe houses, and torture cells?

AfroAmerica Network is still following the story and  checking with sources close to the Euopean Union Parliament and the Rwandan Government .


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