AfroAmerica Network's Memories on President Barack Obama: Why I Voted For President Obama

Barack Obama, Tanzania, July 1, 2013

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Tomorrow, January 19th, 2017, will be the last day of President Barack Obama in the White House.  As President Barack Obama is about to return to the life of a simple citizen, AfroAmerica Network has been sharing some of the memories with the fans and the readers on the key events that marked his rise, his resilience, and his actions that made his presidency one of the best in the US History.  Among the memories are the following AfroAmerica Network discourse, written  a few minutes, just after voting for the second time for President Obama, when most people still believed President Obama's chances for reelection were marginal, at best (see Why I Voted For President Obama of November 6, 2012). Around ten hours later, the voter was right: President Obama will be reelected US President for the second term:

    Why I voted for President Barack Obama for the Second Term.

I just casted my ballot. I took a minute as I reflected on the importance of the moment. I voted for President Barack Obama for the second term.

I voted for Barack Obama for three reasons: he is the right president for the United States of America at this moment, he needs to finish the change agenda he started, and he must fulfill the historical destiny bestowed upon him.

First, President Obama is the right president at the right moment as the United States of America are finally getting out the challenges caused by multiple wars, an unprecedented economical crisis, and global insecurity. President Obama has all the qualifications to lead the American people through and past these challenges.

Second, President Obama has to finish his agenda. If he finishes his agenda and when History evaluates his accomplishments, he will without a doubt classified among the most consequential presidents the United States of America, and the World, have ever known.  My own experience, be it professional or personal, gives me the opportunity to appreciate how profoundly President Obama’s policies and agenda will  impact the American Society and improve the lives of the American people.  President Obama’s agenda touches the most critical pillars of American society : healthcare, education, energy, economy and human rights.

Third, I voted for president Obama, because this is a historical moment that started in 2004, was engraved in the annals of World History in 2008 and must be renewed in 2012. No matter what happens during these elections, President Obama has entered in History as the first Black President of the greatest democracy the World has ever known: the United States of America. But what is equally if not more important,  is that the imprint in history must be indelible. This can only be accomplished if President Obama is given the opportunity to finish his agenda.

President Obama’s agenda.

President Obama’s  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, will help senior citizens, women, people with preexisting conditions, young people,  and the poor. Senior citizens will not have to spend their golden years fighting insurance companies. Women will own the decisions regarding their bodies;  with appropriate social programs and adequate and affordable health insurance they will able to plan for their lives and prevent  curable diseases.  Young people who cannot afford insurance as they start off with their lives will be able to stay on their parents’ insurance.  The poor and the disabled people will  be taken care off and helped to lift themselves up because,  according to President Obama, “we are in this together, we are stronger when we care for each other”. With Obamacare, President Obama accomplished what US presidents and congresses have tried for more than 70 years and failed. He did it, without too much fanfare or triumphalism, but with steady leadership.

President Obama’s education agenda is revolutionizing America.  Investment in the education of tomorrow by hiring Math and Science teachers, making sure people who want to pursue education and professional training can afford it, and challenging students to study and parents to parent is the recipe for American continued success and predominance. This is the right way to make sure America remains the land of opportunity and ingenious people. America will become even stronger, prosperous and more respected around the World.

President Obama’s  energy policies address two issues: sufficiency and  human responsibility towards the environment. By investing in renewable energy and efficient energy systems, such as electrical cars, solar and wind turbines, cars that can double mileages on a gallon of gas, clean coal, responsible oil drilling, etc., President Obama is making sure America will become self sufficient, will not rely on foreign oil, and at the same time, will take the lead in fighting global warming and climate change. That’s the right energy policy, and the right thing to do to manage earth resources, as we are faced with catastrophic consequences of global warming and earth change. As a New Jersey resident, hurricane Sandy was a wake up call and highlighted to me the importance of President Obama’s energy policies.

President Obama’s role in pulling the United States of America and the World from the worst  economical crisis the World has known since the Great Depression cannot be argued against.  He saved the pride of America:  Detroit and the car industry.  He protected consumers with fair regulations. He reinforced mechanisms to prevent the collapse of the financial system. He created millions of jobs, reversing the downhill trend he inherited. He saved America’s economical fabric from disintegration. His plan for the future is to build on the solid foundation he has laid down.  His tax policy will balance the budget. Winding up wars  in Irak and Afganistan will free up resources to invest in infrastructures,  create new jobs, help the small businesses and find jobs for veterans coming  home after defending our freedom. His tax cut for the middle class and small businesses will fuel consumption and hence the economy. His investment in education will spur innovation and entrepreneurship. That is the way to make sure our capitalistic economy continues to soar and be proactive instead of circling the wagons.

President Obama’s actions to safeguard human rights are undisputable. The first  bill he signed, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,  guaranties equal pay for men and women doing the same job. Until the act, women could not sue after some time, if they find that employers had underpaid them. That was wrong, and President Obama righted it.   Then he abolished the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy  in our military. People should not be discriminated against based on where they come from, how they look like, whom they love, and how they started in life. Especially, in our military.

President Obama has defended the right of women to choose and make decisions regarding their bodies. Decisions regarding women bodies should not be made by grayed hair men. President Obama has corrected that aberration and his next term will solidify women’s rights. Latinos and immigrants will be ever grateful to President Obama for championing their rights  with legislation and other concrete actions.

I was so emotional when I voted for President Obama in 2008. I was even more emotional when I did it again today.

I voted for President Obama because he is the right president at the right moment.

I voted for President Obama so that he can finish his healthcare, education, energy, economical, and human rights agenda. 

I voted for President Obama because of  the historical  significance of this election.


This is why I voted for President Obama.


I am thankful to be a citizen of a country where people are allowed to vote freely for people like President Obama.



November 6, 2012.


Felicien Kanyamibwa, PhD.

New Jersey, United States of America.



©AfroAmerica Network,  November 2012.

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