Justin Trudeau: A Progressive Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Justine Trudeau Kisses Wife After Boxing Match

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For those who do not know Canada's political system, the Head of State is the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II. She is represented  by a governor general. That is how far Canada is close to being a monarchy. But Canada is not a monarchy. The Canadian government is led by a Prime Minister. The  incoming Prime Minister  is the youthful amateur boxer, Justin Trudeau.
 Justin Trudeau recently ascended to power, after securing a resounding victory over the Conservative government led by Stephen Harper, ending 9 years  of reign. Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau, a figure that dominated the Canadian politics in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He is the leader of Liberal Party. With the win, the Liberal Party will have an absolute majority in the Parliament, and hence won't need to form any coalition.
Justine Trudeau, 43, is not just young. He is a boxer with a remarkable tattoo. According to some, he is currently the only World leader with a tattoo.  But others are quick to add "visible tattoo". He was born when his father was Prime Minister 
A message of inclusion and hope.
During the campaign , Conservatives were widely viewed as promoting divisions,  anti-immigration policies and economic inequality.
Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, is credited with running a campaign based on hope, promises of shifting the tax burden from middle class to the wealthy families, and running a budget deficit in order to improve Canadian infrastructure and to grow the employment.
One caveat from the perspective of people of  the powerful neighbor on the South: The Key Stone pipeline. He said he won't oppose it  even though President Obama has said NO to the project,  due to environmental concerns. That is why, perhaps, Justin Trudeau is quick to add that he will do more to address such environmental concerns.
But there are other  ideas appealing to Canadians,  such as legalizing marijuana and bringing the troops home, from the Middle-East.