USA - Africa - Democracy: Rwanda's Paul Kagame Mocking and Challenging the US, Following Sanctions for War Crimes in DR Congo

US-Africa Summit Washington December 14, 2022

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In December 2023, African presidents and dictators attended the US - Africa Summit convened by US President Joe Biden in Washington, DC.  Aside the event,  Rwanda's Paul Kagame warned  the US  leaders against  bullying him for the repression,  the lack of democracy, and abuses of human rights in his regime, raising other African leaders' eyebrows.  He has done it again. In recent interviews with media journalists in Kigali, Rwanda, Paul Kagame mocked the US Government. He  told the media that the criticism of the US  against  his repressive regime  “feels and sounds just like a joke.”

Don't Bully Us, Make an Invasion and Overrun the Country if You Can: Paul Kagame Told the US Leaders in December 2022.

The last summit US-Africa Summit was held from Tuesday, December 13, 2022 to Thursday, December 15, 2022.  In discussions on African current dynamics and how to address on-going issues,  on the sidelines of the US-Africa Summit in Washington, Paul  Kagame, dealt with a question regarding human rights abuses  and lack democracy in Rwanda, mocking the US Government, claiming that the US government was trying to bully him and that he will not accept it,  and challenging it to invade Rwanda if the US military is capable enough. He said, “We have made it clear, there isn’t anybody going to come from anywhere to bully us into something to do with our lives - you can maybe make an invasion and overrun the country.”  Paul Kagame, then, went on to suggest that he is planning to remain the Rwandan dictator all ways to past year 2050. (see here USA-Africa: US-Africa Summit Highlights - People Ties, Global Governance, Democracy, Health, Food Security, Trade and Technology, and Rwanda's Paul Kagame Challenging the US Over the Case of Paul Rusesabagina) 


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American Policy Towards Rwanda and the Region Feels Like a Joke: Paul Kagame Tells the Media.

Earlier this week, as August 2023  was ending, Paul Kagame hosted a meeting and held discussions with journalists, mostly from the US, visiting as guests of the Rwanda government. Once again, like in Washington, DC in  2022, Paul Kagame was asked  questions regarding human rights and democracy in Rwanda,  the invasion of DRC by Rwandan troops under the cover of M23 rebels, and the latest US sanctions against a Rwandan general, Patrick Nyamvumba, for war crimes in the DRC (see here Rwanda: Facing Risks of a Military Coup and Sanctions from the US, EU, and UN, Rwanda's Paul Kagame Further Purges Rwandan Defense Forces Military Leadership).

In his answers, Paul Kagame mocked the US leaders and their policy  and actions towards Rwanda and the region. He said the US approach  “feels and sounds just like a joke.”  He emphasized that  the US are only interested in the strategic minerals, including Cobalt and Coltan, abounding in the DR Congo,  and in keeping China out of the  DR Congo.

He also commented on the recent military coups in Niger and  Gabon and Niger, criticizing  the US  and  French governments of only looking for the rich minerals and oil in those countries. 

Paul Kagame went on again to repeat that no one has the right to call him a dictator or  question his reign,  point to increasing repression and the lack of respect  of human rights in his country. He then suggested, as before,  that he is planning to remain the Rwandan dictator all ways to past year 2050.

The latest criticisms against  and the mocking of the US Government leaders  by Rwanda's Paul Kagame have, like in December 2022,  raised,  even more,  eyebrows   across the world and created a wave of concerns, for the security, human rights and humanitarian situation in both DR Congo and the Rwanda.

These strong comments and seemingly stances against the US  by Paul Kagame over the last two years have been viewed as a  smoke signal of a worsening situation. In fact, over the years, Paul has been widely labelled one of the worst dictators in Africa and  criticized by human rights activists, journalists, activists, and analysts for using the West  and  other African dictators  to promote himself, extend his reign, and maintain his oligarchy (see here He's a Brutal Dictator, and One of the West's Best Friends and  The Global Elite’s Favorite Strongman), while and hiding behind a smoke screen to appear as a new breed of independent African leaders.

One question from several analysts contacted by AfroAmerica Network  is whether Rwanda's Paul Kagame is ready to confront the US Government and its African allies,  militarily or other way.

 Other analysts, close to the Rwandan government and military,  said that, despite the latest structural shake-up of the Rwandan military command ,  the  major challenge for Paul Kagame is whether he will be able to fight off the people trying to get rid of him, as they view him as a dictator,  the puppet of the world powers who has outlived his time ((Rwanda: Facing Risks of a Military Coup and Sanctions from the US, EU, and UN, Rwanda's Paul Kagame Further Purges Rwandan Defense Forces Military Leadership).

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