Burundi President Evariste Ndayishimiye Fires Minister of Commerce, Industry and Transportation: A Major Step in Fighting Corruption and Embezzlement

General Evariste Ndayishimiye addressing EU Ambassadors in Burundi on Feb 2, 2021

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 Burundi President General Evariste Ndayishimiye, AfroAmerica Network Black Man of Year 2020 (see here), was sworn in, as a democratically elected president, on Thursday June 18, 2020.   According to sources in the Government of Burundi, one of the major issues facing him and the country is widespread corruption and embezzlement by some key government officials,  he mostly inherited from his predecessor.  He has now made a major step to address the situation: on May 1, 2021, he fired his minister of Commerce, Industry, Transportation, and Tourism, Ms. Immaculée Ndabaneze. According to AfroAmerica Network sources, more is to  expected.

Ms Immaculée Ndabaneze is accused of multiple acts of corruption and embezzlement. The acts included in the act by the Burundi president Evariste Ndayishime point to the unauthorized selling of an aircraft belonging to Air Burundi and widespread corruption and embezzlement. On the Air Burundi affair alone, she allegedly embezzled more than US $50,000.

According to sources, Ms. Immaculée Ndabaneze sold the plane, Beechcraft 1900 to business people from South Africa without the required  approval from , or even informing,  the Burundi Government.  


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 Ms Immaculée Ndabaneze is also suspected of several corruptions and governemnt funds misappropriation. She allegedly falsified documents and receipts to overcharge the government and, hence, embezzle large sums of money from the overchargment. Some of the falsified receipts are related to the purchase of computer equiments and accessories for the Air Burundi  transportation company

 Since late last week, Ms Immaculee Ndabaneze has been interrogated by  the Intelligence and security Services.

Corruption, Kleptocracy and Embezzlement: A Major Challenge Facing Burundi

The sources have also indicated that several more officials, including high ranking government officials are under investigation on matters related to widespread corruption, embezzlement, kleptocracy, and misappropriation of government properties.

General Evariste Ndayishimiye, is one of the freedom fighters who liberated Burundians from years of oppression.  Democratically elected in 2020, he was sworn in on Thursday June 18, 2020, becoming the 10th President to rule the country, but only the second to be democratically elected.  Since then he has made several  important decisions and took steps to improve the economy and the general situation in Burundi. Fighting corruption and attracting foreigh investors appear to be the top priority.


 AfroAmerica Network is following the story and the development.

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