US 2020 Elections: President-Elect Joe Biden Publishes His First Newsletter With "America is back and America is ready to lead" Message

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a meeting with teams, December 4, 2020

White House
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US President-Elect Joe Biden has published his first newsletter as President-Elect.  The overreaching message in the newsletter is: America is back and America is ready to lead..  The message starts with updates on the teams recently formed and the nominees. These include appointments and nominees for the Transtion,   National Security, Foreigh Policy, Law Enforcement, and Economic teams (US 2020 Elections: Joe Biden Nominates Economic and Communication Team Members of His Cabinet).   President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice_President Elect Kamala Harris also highlighted the theme of the newsletter:  Help is on the Way Below are the key highlights of the newsletter published on December 4, 2020.

  •  Help is on the Way:
    • The newsletter highlights  the  challenges faced by families in 2020, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Referring to restrictions in celebrating Thanksgiving holiday as usual, Joe Biden said that 2020 " Thanksgiving holiday reminded us of the ideals at the core of this holiday: faith, courage, sacrifice, service to country, service to each other, and gratitude even in the face of suffering
    • Joe Biden adds a message of hope: "And today, I’m writing with a message of hope: help is on the way. With Vice President-elect Kamala Harris by my side, my team and I are hard at work preparing to fight for you and your family on day one of my administration. We know there isn’t a moment to waste as we confront this pandemic and start building back better."
  •  America is back. And America is ready to lead
    • Joe Biden's news letter revisits the transition teams appointed or nominated before the Thanksgiving as reported by AfroAmerica Network ( (US 2020 Elections: Joe Biden Nominates Economic and Communication Team Members of His Cabinet).  Overall, in the newsletter, Joe Biden seeks to reassure the American people that the team members are capable and will do their job and move America forward. He also covered the strengths of each team:
      • On National security, foreign policy, and law enforcement team: "They are experienced and crisis-tested. They will keep us safe and secure. And, they are leaders who look like America and reflect my core belief that we lead not just by the example of our power, but by the power of our example."
      •  On Economic Policy Team: "From the most unequal economic and jobs crisis in modern history, we can build a new American economy that works for everyone.  But we need to act now -- and we have to work together. That’s why I’ve assembled a first-rate team that will be ready on day one to pull every lever of government to help those hardest hit by COVID-19 and address the structural inequalities in our economy.."
  • What is to Come:
    • Healthcare and COVID-19: "continue to fight for the heroes on the front line of this crisis"
    • Transition: "Over the next few weeks, I’ll continue to meet with government leaders, experts, and people affected by our most pressing issues. I’ll also announce more key members of my administration -- and yes, that will include the new cat who will be joining our dogs Champ and Major in the White House."
    •  Understand the Struggles Faced by the American People: "The Biden-Harris Administration will understand your struggles, and we’ll do our best to fix them. And together, we can begin the work to heal, unite, and rebuild our country."
    • Focus on key priorities: "In all sincerity though, I’m assembling a team to confront the crises we face -- containing this pandemic, rebuilding our economy, ending racial injustice, fighting climate change, and more -- and I’m so proud that you’re a part of it."


@AfroAmerica Network, 2020