Donald J Trump, the Next US President, as Predicted by AfroAmerica Network

Donald Trump and Omarosa

White House
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In August 2015, only very few news media believed Donald Trump, then one of a multitude of US Republican Presidential candidates,  was believable. AfroAmerica Network was one of them. This is what AfroAmerica Network published on August 15, 2015. "You may accuse him of other things. What is sure is that he speaks his mind, and his supporters and even the American mainstream are liking it. The person is the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump. When he srtarted, few believed that Donald Trump was serious. Then he had that speech about Mexican immigrants. Subsequently, the polls in his

favor shot into the roof.  He has been dominating the Republican landfield to date... Yes, Donald Trump has become more and more presidential, mainstream, and a candidate to be reckoned with. And his message appears believable,... less political, that means apparently heartfelt, not hypocritically political". (see Donald Trump on AfroAmerica Network here).

Then, on May 4, 2016, AfroAmerica Network renewed the prediction (see Donald Trump: A Phenomenal Phenomenon in US Presidential Race: Part 2) "His popularity has made  both the Republicans and Democrats scratch their head  as what he said said  appeared more and more  to resonate with the deep America: veterans not being treated properly, China taking advantage of the US, crumbling infrastructure, women... yes, women,  not getting their fair share in corporations, immigration being a major concern, the US military needing to be reinforced, and campaign finance reform. One may accuse Donald Trump of anything else, but he has touched the main issues of impartance for maintream America. The Republican establishment tried to stop him, created super PACs and "StopTrump" movements, threatened to stop him during the contested convention. They failed."

Donald Trump  won on Tuesday November 8, 2016. The verdict came in very early Wednesday,  past mid-night, Eastern Time.  As it has happened for millennia, the sun rose on Wednesday. But Trump's victory has rocked America and the World. Shocking was that the so-called mainstream media, pundits, pollsters and others had gotten it wrong.

But more puzzling is that after so many e-mail scandals, FBI investigations, the leaks about Clinton Foundation's associations with dictators, including the most notorious criminal dictators in Africa and around the World, these usual pundits continued to believe in the unbelievable. When it was found the Democratic National Committee leaders had undermined the bid by Senator Bernie Sanders and the findings of a rigged DNC  led to the resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, they shrugged.

Debbie Wasserman was replaced by Donna Brazile. Soon after, it was found that Donna Brazile herself may have undermined Bernie Sanders' campaign, by leaking CNN questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign ahead of debates.  She immediately resigned from CNN. 

Now that Donald Trump has won, the real loser is the Democratic Party. The party will have to work hard to rally its dispirited members. All during the campaign, Hillary Clinton failed to build trust across the nation and enthusiasm among its followers, struggled to clean up her image  tarnished by scandals and bad associations, and, in the end, failed to earn the ultimate prize of her long political career. This is heavy legacy that the Democratic Party, divided, demoralized, and mistrusted, has inherited.

Donald Trump capitalized on these weaknesses. He will be sworn in as President on January 20, 2017.