Rwanda: Court Decides to Keep Ailing Alfred Nkubili, Purported transporter of 1994 Deadly Missiles, in Jail Despite Grave Disease

Alfred Nkubili, Rwandan Businessman

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Alfred Nkubili, a Rwandan businessman who, according to sources within Rwandan intelligence services was kidnapped at his house on Friday, July 03, 2020 by President Paul Kagame's security forces, has been back in court (see AfroAmerica Network: Rwanda: How Businessman Alfred Nkubili Became Paul Kagame's Target; Who are behind Bailing Him Out and Who is Next). On November 2, 2020, a court, known as Gasabo District Court,  decided to keep Alfred Nkubili in jail for until late December 2020. The aling Alfred Nkubili  was demanding his release and requesting to be monitored outside due to his grave illness.  The decision was announced at Kigali University Hospital, CHUK, where he is being treated.

During his last appearance in court on October 30, 2020, Nkubili appealed to the HIgh Court for his release because he was gravely ill. The court had then decided to hear the case and make a decision. The case was heard  on Monday, November 2, 2020. The defense presented the arguments for a temporary release. 

 Alfred Nkubili Prosecuted While Gravely Ill 

He is currently awaiting trial on the basis of the August 26, 2020 decision by the Gasabo  High Court. He appealed against the decision of the Gasabo Lower Court of August 11, 2020. Noting that the High Court had not reversed the decision of the  District Lower  Court and pointing to the conflict among the two courts, Alfred Nkubili filed a motion for a provisional release, citing grave illness and the inability to question the witnesses, and teh principle of innocnce until proven guilty, therefor  prosecution without detention.

 Addressing the Gasabo District Court, Alfred Nkubili's lawyers requested that their client be released, while on trial, and cited the names four people ready to bail him out. The four people pledged more than $7 million, on top of $60,000 of the initial bail proposal. The judges rejected the offer. Before that, Alfred Nkubili's relatives had told AfroAmerica Network that Alfred Nkubili was in critical condition at King Faysal Hospital in Kigali where Rwandan security forces took him on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

The prosecution argued that the release of Nkubili would distort the evidence and put pressure  or intimidate on the key  witnesses and interfere with the due process. The court, siding with the prosecution,  maintained  the decision to hold Alfred Nkubili in detention,  even though he was in deed critically ill and had shown relevant  medical records. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko's government, and sought to justify military action, saying "there is no guarantee that he will be released from prison.

The court also ruled that only medical doctors, rather than the court,  would  determine  where the patient could get medical treatment.

 Fabricating and Using Forged Documents as a Pretext to Prosecute Alfred Nkubili

Officially, Alfred Nkubili is on trial for fraud in the supply and importation of fertilizer provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in 2014.  He is being prosecuted for fabricating and using forged documents to conceal his wealth and business dealings. According to the accusations,  Nkubili and other businessmen allegedly embezzled funds intended for delivering fertilizers to Rwandan peasants. They alleged that Nkubili owes the Rwandan treasury more than two billion Rwandan francs  for fertilizers he never delivered.

 When he was kidnapped, security forces closed his bank accounts. Alfred Nkubili and his lawyers deny the accusations and label them fabrications.

Alfred Nkubili Prosecution Allegedly  Rather use to cover  the  Leaks on his Role in  1994 Assassination of Rwanda and Burundi Presidents.  

However, independent sources andl sources within the Rwandan Intelligence and General Paul Kagame's own security guard have confirmed to AfroAmerica Network that Alfred Nkubili is being punished for the  leaks on 1994 Assassination of Rwanda and Burundi Presidents.

According to the sources, Alfred Nkubili made a mistake of disclosing his role in the 1994 shooting down of the plane carrying the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvenal habyarimana and their aides. All on the board of the plane, including the crew, were killed. When General Paul Kagame learned of the leaks he sought to bankrupt him and started building a case to put him in jail.

AfroAmerica Network is  following the story.

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