DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi, Facing Serious Crisis, Addresses the Nation

Felix Tshisekedi, Yvonne Makolo, Col Kalibata in Kinshasa, Vital Kamerhe with Paul Kagame in Kigali, March 2019

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Sources close to the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),  Felix Tshisekedi,  have been telling  AfroAmerica Network that his closest aides have pregressively increased their warnings against his collaboration with the former President Joseph Kabila since he got in power, almost two years ago. The failed coalition between Felix Tshisekedi's front, CACH (Cap pour le Changement)  and Joseph Kabila's FCC (Front Commun pour le Congo),  has now exploded into a national crisis that is threatening the institutions of the country. The crisis has pushed Felix Tshisekedi to address the nation on Sunday December 6, 2020. In a seemingly long-awaited speech of about 30 minutes, Felix Tshisekedi disclosed the proposals presented to him by his advisers and the people he said he has been consulting.  Beyond an endless list of problems, roadblocks, conflicts, mismanagements,  crises, and challenges,   the main point disclosed in the speech is the end of the government coalition between his CASH and Joseph Kabila's FCC.

The repeated crises in the DRC, since Felix Tshisekedi got into power,  have been an open secret and were often highlighted in increasing statements and open condemnations by various local, church, and national leaders (see AfroAmerica Network: DR Congo: New President Felix Tshisekedi Already Showing Serious Shortcomings," Closest Aides Say ... and DR Congo: New President Felix Tshisekedi Facing Serious Dissensions Over Crisis in East ...). 

 In his December 6, 2020 address, Felix Tshisekedi spoke in four national languages apparently trying to reach a broader audience and calling for a general popular mobilization.  He said that almost all the sectors including governance, economy, security, social, finance, education, health, and many more are in crisis, without any direction on how to resolve the problems.

The current majority having crumbled, I decided to appoint an informant, in accordance with the provisions of article 78, paragraph 2, of the Constitution. He will be responsible for identifying a new coalition bringing together the absolute majority of members in the National Assembly. "

"I consulted you, you spoke to me. There is a broad convergence of views on essential issues, "said Mr. Tshisekedi, revealing that those consulted unanimously proposed " to end the FCC-CACH coalition at the base of the current blockage, dissolve the National Assembly ... "

The FCC-CASH coalition "did not allow me to implement my program and meet the expectations of the Congolese," said Félix Tshisekedi. He gave an example of a "persistent crisis" and parliamentary deadlock, citing the recent example of the appointment of judges to the Constitutional Court.

"The current majority having crumbled, a new majority is necessary", said Felix Tshisekedi.

In the interest of a "collective duty to take a leap forward" and of a "decisive turning point in the construction of democracy", Felix Tshisekedi  raised the hypothesis of the dissolution of the National Assembly, in case the informant fails to convince the parliament, in order to have new elections aimed at creating a new parliamentary majority.

For him, the coalition government, led by Professor Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba, "has not been able to implement the program for which you elected me. "

He ended his speech calling for the creation of  the Sacred Union for the Republic:

This is not just a speech, it is a call for general mobilization in the face of the deterioration of the situation in our country, wanted and orchestrated by the gravediggers of the Republic, "  Felix Tshisekedi concluded.

The question now is:

Will Felix Tshisekedi, long considered as the puppet of  Joseph Kabila,  succeed to overcome the crisis without heavy damages to the nation and to himself?  Felix Tshisekedi is also widely criticised by the Congolese people of being the pawn of the Rwandan government (see Rwandan Military Intelligence Operatives Planning to Free Vital Kamerhe and Create Republic of Kivu, Sources within M23 Tell AfroAmerica Network)

  Hence, many sources in Kinshasa close to Felix Tshisekedi  have told AfroAmerica Network that they hope that, if Felix Tshisekedi succeeds,  the address and the work by the informant will be first step towards the total liberation of the people, including  from the Rwandan government's grip, allegedly faciliated and promoted by Joseph Kabila  on Congolese government, military, and institutions.

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